Why Franchise?

Lower expenses and investments


Unlike having employees, franchisees are paying an entrance fee and royalties as part of your franchise. Also, the franchisee will make an investment that expands your brand, which means they are covering the cost of opening new stores under your brand. Also, if your concept is successful, franchisees will gladly pay you a Royalty fee every month. The key, of course, is in a successful concept and in investing enough time and money in creating an attractive franchise opportunity.



Simpler management


The franchise solves one of the biggest problems in business - hiring the workforce, overseeing its management and overhead payment. Franchisees are responsible for the day-to-day operational management of their franchise, according to the concept's standards, following the franchise agreement, that the franchisee has signed with you. Since franchisees invest their capital, they do not require management but take care of their investment, i.e., your franchise. Ultimately, a franchisee needs a straightforward and cost-effective organization to run a franchise chain.



Rapid expansion and growth


One of the biggest advantages of franchising is the ability to expand your business at a much faster pace than you could achieve on a singular basis. Franchising comes down to replicating successful models and concepts. For example, with Master franchise models, you can expand very quickly on the international market. The more you grow, the stronger your organization can become financially, and your brand will become more recognizable.



Better market penetration


Franchisees are well-connected in the local community in which they do business. They can find the best store locations or contacts much easier than you ever could. Also, franchisees understand their industry sector well and can adapt their business to the local community with ease.



International potential


Becoming an international brand is not easy if you follow a traditional path. Besides the required business connections, this business area can contain many roadblocks, such as language, cultural differences, and such. However, it is far easier to become an international brand using a franchise model. It is ubiquitous for a franchise to expand globally.



Which businesses can be franchised?


Currently, there are plenty of franchise categories in the world. Some of the most typical are restaurants, food and beverage concepts, retail concepts, tourist accommodation services, financial services, cleaning services, real estate agencies, production franchises, digital franchises, etc. In other words, more or less every concept that is successful can be replicated and build a successful chain.


If you want to make sure your business can be franchised, ask yourself the following questions:


• Do you have specific knowledge about your business that you can pass on to franchisees?

• Is your business operationally profitable? If so, could the franchisee return the investment within 5 years?

• Can you systematize your work?

• Can your business be internationally replicated?

• Are you willing to help others succeed?


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